"At Cathays Community centre almost everything was used. Starting with physical tools: board games, billiard, stuff to make some art, cooking gear, musical instruments etc. Youth workers were using different types of conversation techniques according to the situation... At Pentrebane zone we used a lot of video games, some board games and sometimes energisers. We did do some cooking with teenagers but didn’t go out (due to darkness and bad weather) that much. Youth workers role at that time was mainly to be there for youngsters and make sure they have some activities to do. "

- Madle Timm, Estonia

Topic and Themes Worked On

As part of the description of youth work it is important to know what youth workers are actually working on with the young people, the following are a selection of the topics and themes:

human rights; women’s rights; children’s rights; ecological lifestyles; environmental issues ;sex education; healthy lifestyle; leadership; media literacy; art; disability; entrepreneurship; peace building; inclusion; activism; participation; active citizenship; advocacy; gender equality; Sustainable Development Goals; intercultural cooperation; homelessness; creativity; sports; cultural activities


Examples of Practice

The following are a selection of the activities being conducted by youth workers with the young people:

Socialisation of young people with disabilities; Integration of displaced young people; Consultancy services; Leisure activities for young people; Engaging in youth exchanges; European Solidarity Corps; Empowerment of refugee young people; Empowering student activism; LGBT youth empowerment; Rural youth work; Information services; Promoting volunteering; Providing space for self-discovery; Youth counselling; Dance; Photography; Music; English language workshops; Hospital visits for patients

"It was very beneficial for me to see the diverse board games that the youth centres are using to engage the youngsters and create a safe setting for them to also discuss and share, but also for the youth workers to give them advice and support them. As the youth centres where I spent most of the time (Rae youth centres) are municipal ones, it was very nice to see that they youth workers were not focused on sustainability, but on thinking creative approaches and methods on how to engage the youngsters. This was done through more educational activities such as having a “kahoot” quiz, or a study trip somewhere, to more informal activities like cooking together, or having a tournament in play station or billiard."

- Matej Manevski, North Macedonia

Types of Methodologies & Tools

  • Storytelling as a great way for inspiration. Youth work connects many other parts of life. Sharing stories can be powerful and emotional and giving input for doing youth work.

  • Having people who inspired them/ role models.

  • Getting inspiration from priests, street education, as well as, from experiencing cultural diversity. Be ready to take a step back.

  • Transform difference in something that is positive

  • different kind of education compared to the education system

  • incorporate and connect different types of fields such as non-formal, formal and informal

  • Informing young people of the rights and opportunities they have through social media channels but also offline through open events, info days and presentations in schools.

  • Training courses, seminars, youth exchanges, summer schools

  • Scholarships, internships, EVS/ESC, mentorships

  • Council method, simulations, step forward, human barometer, human library, forum theatre, storytelling (digital one also), role play, meditation, debates, group discussions, workshops, radio learning (distance), online course, exchange trips, reflections

  • Intercultural evenings, games, sports activities, warm ups, energizers, ice-breakers

  • Kahoot, Menti, Instagram, Twitter, Padlet, Facebook, Youtube, Canva, Basecamp, Trello, social media campaigns (#), SALTO youth website

  • Toolkits for 2250, Bookmarks, We can, Variety is spice of life, Brave new you, MOOC (massive online open course) + many other Toolkits and manuals,

  • Designing Bazar to give money to students

  • Youthpass

  • Gender education

"Cathays Community centre had a variety of tools and opportunities for engaging the community members. Starting from the embassy café which was space that offered food and drinks for the local community as well as space to socialise and support the work of the community centre. This space also gathered different targets and groups offering a specific offer for Seniors and other specific groups of the community. The facilities and the spaces of the community centre were rent-able and offered to a cheaper price for young people willing to develop their music talents or use the space for some social events. This was of great importance for the community as provided opportunities for disadvantaged young people to have an equal opportunity to engage in the community."


- Florim Rexhepi, North Macedonia

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